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Aaron Mark Brown

For the last 15 years Aaron Mark Brown has been writing and performing music, most recently with his band The Invasion. On his first full length solo album, "Realities of Grandeur," out on Sunless Sea…

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Black Whales

"They're magic. The Black Whales are magic. That's the only explanation for it." -The Stranger

Seattle psych-pop rock band Black Whales release their second LP entitled Through…

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Holy Weak

Between January and August 2011 Nate Berrian wrote what would become Missives from Peru while living and working at a small cafe in Cusco, Peru. Songs were composed in an apartment above the cafe on…

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The Dirty Moogs

Dream the dream that was electronic music in 1977, a simpler time when robots were still cool, nobody except nerds cared about synthesizers, and analog synths were a dirty affair. Or, at least as dirty…

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