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Aaron Mark Brown

For the last 15 years Aaron Mark Brown has been writing and performing music, most recently with his band The Invasion. On his first full length solo album, "Realities of Grandeur," out on Sunless Sea Records and mastered by Roger Seibel (Pavement, The Decemberists, Modest Mouse) Aaron writes jazz inspired indie rock, with occasional detours into neighboring genres.

Listening to his classically trained pianist mother's folk-band on 8-track left the first musical imprint in a household largely sheltered from popular music, with the exception of film musicals. Which may explain why Brown owes as much to Paul Williams as Paul McCartney, to Irving Berlin as Bowie's "Berlin Trilogy."  But as Oscar Wilde said, "Talent borrows, genius steals" and Aaron Mark Brown has taken liberally from the buffet of legends and classics with no intention of returning them.

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3/27/15 Treefort Music Fest

10pm The Bouquet w/ Cool Ghouls, Smokey Brights, etc.