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13 Favorite Records of '14

There has been lots of great music this year, while it's usually out there- some years it just takes more digging, here are our favorites this year:

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Black Whales LP out now!

Seattle's psych-pop purveyors 2nd LP "Through the Prism, Gently" out now on "moon-marbled" LP, CD, and download.

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The Dirty Moogs and Aaron Mark Brown in Paste's 50 states project

Check out both Aaron Mark Brown and The Dirty Moogs listed in Paste Magazine's "10 Idaho bands you need to listen to right now" feature.

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My Favorite Records of 2013

Below are my 2013 favorites, perhaps different from a "Best of" list and not "ranked" on purpose- but that's for another blog.

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Sigh, Brrrr Monday

Something about Cyborgs Monday, or a hot cup of apple Cyber on a Monday, or a begrudged acceptance of a cold Monday ( Sigh,Brrr Monday).

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New video/single/tour dates from The Dirty Moogs!

Today via Apes on Tape music blog, The Dirty Moogs premiered their new video for new single "Space Girlfriend" and announced tour dates!

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The Dirty Moogs EP avail. this Tues. 2/19/13

"Peter Goes to Law School" official album release day this Tuesday. Available in hand screened ltd. ed. CD in our store, at Record Exchange (Boise, ID) and The While Pine (Nampa, ID).

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Top 10 Favorite Records of the Year (not released by us)

At the summation of this year of great music I realized that this year there may be a difference between what I might consider the "best" albums of the year, and my "favorite" albums. The following are my "favorite" albums this year, although if not for maintaining some level of impartiality I would…

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"We got to get together"

Perhaps because I've been listening to The Staples Singers a lot lately where the title of this blog is a common occurance within any given song or perhaps because the events surrounding this year's May Day and those standing in solidarity with workers/immigrants/humans rights I've thinking more about…

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Website launch party/ Finally recovering from Treefort Music Fest

First off, thanks to everyone who came out to the website launch party- hopefully eating some of the fantastic cake my sister made for the occasion (pictured)was reward enough, but if not, maybe the semi-public thanks and the satisfaction that comes with being on the forefront of a growing trend will…

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