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Wide-Eyed Bundle of Joy

Published Thu Mar 8, 2012
by Nathan Walker

Welcome to the Sunless Sea Recording Company digital destination of pages, photos, and perusable products.  Some call it a “website,” we call it “home.”  Well, if we were made entirely of ones and zeros we might live here.  And by “live here” I mainly mean tell you about our new record label and our artists’/friends’ great music and how, though they haven’t yet, the world needs to hear their songs.

Our Birth

Regardless, welcome.  It’s been an arduous trip down the birth canal and though we are blinking at the bright lights of the wide world and are more than slightly disoriented, we’re excited to cut the umbilical cord and get this baby making records!  If you have questions or suggestions or concerns- you know, the type of advice so readily given out to new parents on the birth of their child, you can whisper it in our mother-in-law’s ear at and it’ll be sure to be passed along to us, albeit in a much more abrupt way than you had intended.  

Our Artists

We want to officially announce and introduce you to our first two artists Holy Weak and Aaron Mark Brown.  Please check out their pages for songs samples, bios, and the opportunity to support these artists by valuing their great albums. Thanks!