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Why we exist

We exist to give a gathering place, a supportive community, to friends ( and potential friends) who are making good music the world needs to hear.  As a recording community we should strive to be artists who are true to ourselves and are not enslaved by the exploitation and manipulation of the major industrialized music machine.  Recently as I heard a speech from Princeton Professor Dr. Cornel West I was struck by how much creedence he gave to some key songwriters and musicians throughout the civil rights movement and into the early 70’s.  Talking about “truth tellers” like Marvin Gaye, Sly Stone, Gil Scot Heron, and Miles Davis he said, “The Condition of truth is to allow suffering to speak.”  We want to be a record company who values and supports those who, in further words of Cornel West; are “A new wave of truth-tellers..., who look the terror in the face and deal with the trauma, even if all you can do is sing a song.”


We, like you, love music and know first-hand all that goes into creating and completing an album. so, as long as we are able we will listen to your demo submissions. However, due to the volume of submissions it is unlikely that we will be able to respond to all.  Please take a look around our site and see if you think your project would be a good fit. If it;s something we’re into, you’ll hear from us. If you don’t hear from us it doesn’t mean we didn’t like it, just not enough to contact you about it. But keep doing what you’re doing, keep creating.


First and foremost we are music fans just like you. Sometimes, too many times unfortunately, really great music goes unheard because it doesn't have a major marketing scheme bankrolling it. Sunless Sea is not that major marketing machine, but we will do what we can to share music that we like and believe in- music that we listen to and are fans of ourselves. Obviously, in many ways it is easier today to share the music you are excited about with your friends using the Internet as a whole network of word of mouth opportunities that can exponentially multiply. Though there's much written and discussed about how people don't buy music anymore, we still love the physical music buying experience and want to value the art and those creating it by investing in their projects so they can continue to make more. And we know we aren't the only ones! That's where much of the success of our artists and us as a label depends on you sharing with your friends; we're believing in you, believing in us.

We've always loved records; the sound, the feel, the smell, the bigger pictures, not much for taste...Nonetheless, we want to be able to release as many of our releases on vinyl and other physical mediums, while still offering digital downloads to accompany them- the best of both worlds. And since we are a small, infant label you'll likely see some creative ways of offering some great music that we experiment with from time to time. And tell us what you like, any ideas you have, and tell us how you want to experience this art form that is so important to all of us.