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Through the Prism, Gently

By Black Whales | Release DateNovember 11, 2014

Perhaps it only makes sense, the prevalence of the artists' thematic expression of "change," as it is a unifying human experience. After all, it's been said, "If you're not changing, you're dying," yet death is itself an unequalled change. Change as a universal process, a constant from the moment of birth until death, takes many forms but is as old as the dawn of time itself. The Earth labors and changes through space and into the future, each mother of humanity changes dramatically during pregnancy and birth, bringing forth new life and starts a whole new process of changes.

Transition and the mystical of the natural in metamorphosis have captivated the band Black Whales, much like other humans, experiencing transition in relationships, personal growth, musical development, and even transition among members of the band themselves. As a band since 2008, Black Whales have experienced their share of changes, culminating in their second LP inspired by change. "Through the Prism, Gently" embraces these inevitable changes- for through this re-direction of light a new spectrum of beauty appears. Much like the Eve figure represented in the cover artwork itself, the band looks out over their creation with respect for the past and hope for the future. The healthy admiration for those who have come before plays out in musical nods from The Velvet Underground and other psych-pop purveyors (Zombies, 13th Floor Elevators, The Beatles, et. al) to the more recent history of Spiritualized or Jesus and Mary Chain. Meanwhile, not content to re-hash, but reinterpret- finding contemporary inspiration from Kurt Vile, B.R.M.C, and The War on Drugs.

Time spent with the record is always rewarded and fits well with the lights off, gazing at the ceiling at home and equally well as an impetus to a communal rock and roll dance party.  This will be one you'll want to spin when you bring some friends over to listen to some records.  You still do that right?

Featured from Sunless Sea Records in a "moon-marbled" limited edition colored vinyl with included download card of the full album. Produced by Eric Corson (The Long Winters, Perfume Genius, The Globes) and Alex Robert.  Mixed by Richard Swift (The Shins, Foxygen, Damien Jurado, etc.), Eric Corson and Mark Rains (Acid Mothers Temple, BRMC).  

Also available digitally and on the Compact Disc format.


  1. Spilt Personalities
  2. Avalon
  3. The Warm Parade
  4. Are You the Matador
  5. Red Fantastic
  6. Come Get Immortalized
  7. No Sign of Life
  8. O Fortuna
  9. Do You Wanna Dance?
  10. You Don't Get Your Kicks
  11. Tiny Prisms
  12. Metamorphosis

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