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Peter Goes to Law School

By The Dirty Moogs | Release DateFebruary 19, 2013

Dream the dream that was electronic music in 1977, a simpler time when robots were still cool, nobody except nerds cared about synthesizers, and analog synths were a dirty affair. Or, at least as dirty as methodical, machinist German electronic specialists would allow. While Boise, Idaho based trio The Dirty Moogs twiddle their knobs in homage to their synthesized heroes (Kraftwerk, Sparks, et. al) they add the element long forgotten by synthesizer music; fun. Certainly, analog synth dance bands are not necessarily a groundbreaking phenomena in 2013, but what sets The Dirty Moogs apart from those who use the Moog as a gimmick, or even those who've managed to nail the Gary Numan/80's soundtrack aesthetic, is the songwriting. While some of the tones are nostalgic, dancing is timeless, and the Moogs share the best of traits with their pioneering predecessors; memorable melodies and good songs.

The first single, "Julie's an Android," is a perfect analog synth-pop song that plays out like a "Lola" for the digital age. "Tight Tight Pants" isn't afraid to approach hard-hitting existential mysteries such as; "How do you dance? How do you make romance, in your tight, tight pants?" Mastered by underground UK dance/ electro veteran Bob Macciochi, "Peter Goes to Law School" is informed by but doesn't rehash the past, bridging vintage electro synth pop with modern electronic dance music. The two remixes (remixed by the band itself) on the EP stand on their own, unique achievements from the originals that would look good on any dance floor. Live shows are often a battle between the operations specialists and their equipment until one of the parties emerges victorious into the glory of a minimoog fueled bass line seductively slipped onto a passing TR-808 drum beat.

Being able to articulate WHY you like The Dirty Moogs won't be a problem, in the immortal critiques of the dancers on American Bandstand, "It's got a good beat and I can dance to it."


CD available now!  The CD is a limited edition hand screen printed and hand sewn sleeve w/ artwork by James Lloyd.


Full album digital download available in our store.

Peter Goes to Law School: The Game!

Peter Goes to Law School: The Game



  1. Sidescroller
  2. Tight Tight Pants
  3. Julie's an Android
  4. Sidescroller Boss Fight Remix
  5. Julie's an Android Remix
  6. Computer Lover

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