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Realities of Grandeur

By Aaron Mark Brown | Release DateApril 10, 2012

While Brown might describe himself as a folk singer at heart, Realities of Grandeur is not your standard singer/songwriter fare. While technically accurate, "singer/songwriter" fails to adequately portray the complexities of a fully realized epic that plays as a veritable journey through the history of American (and British) music. Classical string arrangements here, big band jazz piano and horns creep in there, the aforementioned folk influence, and then the whole thing seems to teeter on the edge of exploding into one big musical, show-tune. But in only the best way possible. Though the influences are undeniably there and the quality of songwriting may allude to familiar classics at times, (Harry Nilsson, McCartney, Paul Williams, Dylan, The Muppets...) any familiarity of Realities of Grandeur is hinted at- more like the memory of a memory than a derivative sum of the parts.

After a writing and recording process that spanned nearly three years, the 11 songs contained within the album possess a strong continuity of music and subject matter that document the struggle to completion. "I discovered at some point that the main reason I write songs is to remember things that are important to me... things that I tend to forget," says Brown. Topics range from prime numbers to recipes for simple living, or perhaps more accurately; recipes for simple dying. In fact, inevitable absolutes, like death, are a main thematic element of Realities of Grandeur. "This album is often about absolutes and learning to accept or deal with them... because they certainly do exist and are often inconvenient. But it is my intent, in life and music, to find the purpose and hope implied in absolutes."




The Realities of Grandeur LP features a limited edition while vinyl LP with full gatefold artwork and includes a digital download of the full album.


  1. Birds in the Night
  2. Invincible
  3. Diminishing Returns
  4. To the Death
  5. Realities of Grandeur
  6. How to Bake Bread
  7. We’ll Sleep in the Morning Sun
  8. Like Wine
  9. Lazy Fox
  10. Old People
  11. I Will Rise

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